DLI EPCDC32 User's Guide

Congratulations on selecting the DLI DC32 Power Controller, an IP-controlled high-power DC switch.

Check out the main product features. Some more technical specifications are available as well.

Be sure to check the package contents when unpacking the unit, then follow the instructions for basic setup and use if you are a first-time user. The device is controllable using LCD and keypad, which have several modes. This should allow you to access the basic device features. More advanced settings are located on the Setup page.

DLI EPCDC32 can be:

It can be configured to:

  • ping other devices and take action if they don't respond;
  • send notifications when certain events occur;

DLI EPCDC32 utility functions include:

The firmware is based on open-source code which is provided to give you the option to build totally custom firmware.

Please contact technical support in case of any problems.

We offer a limited five-year warranty on these units.