DLI ISO32 User's Guide
Customization page

The customization page allows the administrator to configure some user interface aspects of controller behavior.

Web page layout and branding

Layout and branding settings

The branding block that appears on every web page can be customized:

  • Product name: the displayed name of the product;
  • Logo: the company logo image URL;
  • Product URL: the URL that the image points to.

Custom logo dimensions may be supplied if needed. The logo URL may be absolute or relative (e.g. /my_company.png), in which case the related file should be placed in the /www/static/ subdirectory of the unit's filesystem (probably via SSH).

Company name affects the alternative text for the logo image.

Measurement units


You can choose which units to display temperature, illuminance and energy values in. This affects both textual and graphical web UI display. Note that it's a presentation option only; values are internally stored, and transferred via REST-like API in standard SI units (degrees Kelvin, lux and joules, respectively) regardless of the customization.