DLI ISO32 User's Guide
Product features

Congratulations on selecting the DLI DC32 Power Controller, an IP-controlled high-power DC switch. Its features include:

  • 32 Switched Outlets

    32 individual switch control circuits are provided with single outlets.

  • Simple Web Interface

    The internal web server is accessible from any browser. Simply enter an IP. Configuration and control are web-based.

  • AutoPing™ Reboot

    AutoPing continuously monitors an IP address. If a server, router, or other peripheral goes down, AutoPing can automatically reboot it without user intervention. Several devices can be monitored simultaneously.

  • Programmable LCD Display

    A 2x16 LCD displays status for each outlet.

    Custom messages can be displayed via user scripts.

  • Multi-User Password Security

    Multi-user authentication limits access to the power controller. The administrator selects which outlets each user can control.

  • Sequenced "On Timer"

    A programmable delay timer allows outlets to be switched on in sequence, rather than simultaneously. Most devices draw a surge of power when initially switched on. Using this timer, more equipment can share a single circuit without overloads. Programmable scripts can be used to create customized power-up and shut-down sequences with variable timing.

  • MOV Surge Suppression

    Dual 3600W metal oxide varistors clamp power surges and spikes, protecting attached devices.

  • Scripting Language, Syslog, and Utilities

    Lua scripting can be used to create custom control and reboot sequences, schedule periodic reboots, etc. Internal and external event logs are provided.

  • New Features

    New features include CPU temperature sensor, HTTPS, WiFi support, web power meters/charts and Lua scripting.

  • Field Upgradeable Firmware

    Firmware is field upgradeable via Ethernet or WiFi.