DLI ISO32 User's Guide
Locking down the controller

Intended locking use cases

In some cases it's required to grant administrative access to multiple, possibly not completely trusted, parties. The settings described below are designed to somewhat limit what an administrator can do to the device.

Protection bits

The following operations available to the administrator pose an increased risk and can be protected:

  • changing administrator credentials;
  • changing networking settings;
  • changing notification settings;
  • backing up private settings (passwords, keys, etc.);
  • restoring settings from backup;
  • upgrading firmware;
  • entering maintenance mode.

Protection status indication

Overall protection status is indicated in the top right corner of each page:

  • — no protection bits active;
  • — some protection bits active;
  • — all protection bits active.

Clicking on the icon gives more detailed info:

Protection status details

Unlocking protection

You should use the reset button and select the "Clear lock bits" reset mode to clear protection bits. This, of course, requires physical access to the unit.