DLI DC3 User's Guide
Product features

Congratulations on selecting the DLI DC Power Controller, an IP-controlled high-power DC switch. Its features include:

  • 8 DC Output Connections — 100A Total Load

    Eight individually switched circuits are provided on two branch circuits each with four outputs. Branch circuits are protected by 50A breakers and each switched circuit is protected by a 15A breaker.

  • Simple Web Interface

    The internal web server is accessible from any browser. Simply enter an IP. Configuration and control are web-based.

  • AutoPing™ Reboot

    AutoPing continuously monitors an IP address. If a server, router, or other peripheral goes down, AutoPing can automatically reboot it without user intervention. Several devices can be monitored simultaneously.

  • Programmable LCD Display

    Custom messages can be displayed via user scripts.

  • Multi-User Password Security

    Multi-user authentication limits access to the power controller. The administrator selects which relays each user can control.

  • Sequenced "On Timer"

    A programmable delay timer allows relays to be switched on in sequence, rather than simultaneously. Most devices draw a surge of power when initially switched on. Using this timer, more equipment can share a single circuit without overloads. Programmable scripts can be used to create customized power-up and shut-down sequences with variable timing.

  • MOV Surge Suppression

    Dual 3600W metal oxide varistors clamp power surges and spikes, protecting attached devices.

  • Scripting Language, Syslog, and Utilities

    Lua scripting can be used to create custom control and reboot sequences, schedule periodic reboots, etc. Internal and external event logs are provided.

  • New Features

    New features include CPU temperature sensor, HTTPS, WiFi support, web power meters/charts and Lua scripting.

  • Field Upgradeable Firmware

    Firmware is field upgradeable via Ethernet or WiFi.