DLI DC3 User's Guide
Technical support

Please register. Painless on-line registration gets you:

  • free tech support,
  • access to firmware updates,
  • and information when updates and new features become available.

To save time, please have a look at the product FAQ page solutions. You may FAX questions to (408) 541-8459 or email: support@digital-loggers.com.

For phone support, call (408) 330-5599 with the following so we can better serve you:

  • The firmware version level installed in the power switch. This information can be found on the lower left corner of the relay control page.
  • A description of the Ethernet devices connected to your unit, for example, a 10/100 PC and crossover cable.
  • A description of the WiFi devices connected to your unit, i.e. their manufacturers and model numbers.